Oil Quality

Oil Quality ?

Oil Quality
Hydraulic oil discolouration

The purity, and over all, the oil quality is of utmost importance to make sure that the equipment works smoothly. So that unplanned downtime, malfunctions or extreme wear of equipment is not the reason for this. During preventive maintenance often oil samples take place to check oil condition. Lab analyses count the amount of absorbed particles by the oil. Particles will affect the oil only partly. A lab analyses report will show oil condition from some days ago.  So oil condition is always a few days to late and many things good have happened. Between oil samples and lab report there could be an influence that will degrade the oil immediately. We recommend to monitor in real-time all the time.

Oil Lifecycle diagram
The degradation of oil during its lifecycle

Maybe not known to many people the color of oil itself does not tell you how the oil quality is. See some explanation about oil colour and quality on youtube.

Monitoring earns money

By ensuring the oil quality based on real-time measurements, oil analysis on a regular base are not needed anymore. This will give service departments the opportunity to plan maintenance on the current situation. The only one who can answer the amount of savings are that you can meet is you. Just think about how much more your productivity can increase whiteout the unplanned breakdowns and plant shutdowns.

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